First of all congratulations on your pregnancy! While we are excited that you are interested in our classes or happy for you to continue your fitness journey with us we want to make sure we keep you and your new baby safe. Again for your safety, we do not recommend beginning barre or any type of fitness routine while pregnant; as you should hold a strong understanding of the methods prior, so you will be able to understand how to modify from the start of your pregnancy. We do ask if you are new client that you provide us with a doctor’s approval in order to practice while expecting at our studio. No exceptions. Our #1 goal is safety for you and the baby!

Provided the above applies, we are very enthusiastic about training pregnant women and have seen many clients all the way throughout their pregnancy. There are, however, modifications we must enforce while a client is expecting.

Listen to your body. You may need to do things at a reduced rate even from the beginning

It is of utmost importance that you don’t overstretch, as relaxin, a protein hormone present in the body from conception, will allow loosening beyond what is useful for ones limbs, hips, and joints.

This is not the time for excessive ab work.In order to avoid injuries such as diastasis- the separation of parts of the body that are normally joined together- such as the separation of certain abdominal muscles during pregnancy- we ask that you abide by the following in order to keep you and baby safe.

As soon as you know you are pregnant….No more Round Back- come straight into Flat back

In Flat Back no double leg work, you can do individual leg work or ball in between knees and gently zip abs.

No more Superman, Come to your hands and knees and extend one leg at a time, maybe adding the opposite arm if you feel you are ready.

No more Curl or C-Curve, good alternatives are come to your hands and knees gently lifting your abs in a Cat position to neutral. Or perform a modified or full plank position.

Finally, no more tucking of the pelvis. This means avoiding knee dancing and waterski, good alternatives would be High Narrow V.

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